65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (2024)

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (1)

Taking the time to upgrade your logo design is an efficient way to invest in your brand’s design. Your logo is the visual representation of your brand, and it needs to be memorable, relevant, timeless and versatile.

In this post, I’ve collected 65 of the best logo ideas divided by industry. You can utilize these logo ideas to inspire your next design.

Let’s get started!

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65 Logo Ideas to Inspire You (By Industry)

  • Business Logo Ideas
  • Photography Logo Ideas
  • Real Estate Logo Ideas
  • Construction Logo Ideas
  • Restaurant Logo Ideas
  • Startup Logo Ideas
  • Bakery Logo Ideas
  • Salon Logo Ideas
  • Shopify Logo Ideas
  • Clothing Logo Ideas
  • Monogram Logo Ideas
  • Retro Logo Ideas
  • Minimalist Logo Ideas

Business Logo Ideas

When you're ready for a logo to represent your business, we can learn lessons from some of the more successful brands on the best practices available to us.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (2)

  1. World Wildlife Fund
  2. AT&T
  3. Canon
  4. NBC

If you want to create your own business logo, here's a great logo template for you to start with below.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (3)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download


When it comes to the icons for your business logos, look for opportunities to use symbols. Symbols are both simple and eye catching representations of the business.

Many times, these symbols are shaped like an easy to recognize object. However, the designer will subtly alter them to look more distinct.

A great example is how NBC uses the idea of a peaco*ck’s tail to represent the many aspects of its business, all playing their unique role to make the company thrive.

When you use icons in this way, they are useful because you can express a vital idea without using any text.


The most successful business logos use minimalism to inform their typography. These logos break things down to the essential parts.

When it comes to typography, this means clean lines and removing any more decorative elements that do not add any additional information.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (4)

  1. Proxima Nova
  2. Gilroy
  3. Mont
  4. Avenir Next
  5. Cera Pro

Color Palette

When it comes to color, your business logo needs to match the essence of your brand.

The World Wildlife Foundation uses black to evoke their slick and modern brand. This smooth and contemporary look attracts donors willing to contribute large sums of money to a cause they believe in.

Cannon uses red to create feelings of high arousal, helping us connect with the feelings of adventure or excitement from a fun experience that we photograph.

AT&T uses a safe and trustworthy blue color scheme reminding us that we can count on their network to be reliable.

Check out our guide to color psychology to understand how to use your brand’s colors effectively.

Design Elements

Business logos with a clean and uncluttered look tend to do the best. As a general logo design principle, less is more.

It’s important to remember that you use your business logo in various ways, including different sizes and formats.

The most successful logos use one icon or symbol along with the brand name in a clean font.

Photography Logo Ideas

Photography logos tend to be more artistic and minimalistic. You'll often see only a wordmark or an icon alongside the business name. Here are a few logo ideas to get you inspired for your photography business.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (5)

  1. The Mou Studio
  2. MysticFace
  3. Dog Lover Photography
  4. Laura Johns

If you're looking for a template to help you create your own custom logo, here's a great starting point.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (6)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download


The most common icons used for photography logos include icons that represent your brand. You might use an icon representing your niche.

For example, icons that point to weddings, nature or babies can help your customers understand your niche.


The best fonts for photography logos include elegant typefaces. Typically, these fonts will feature letters with highly readable text. Additionally, typography with a combination of thick and thin strokes is preferred.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (7)

  1. Morva
  2. Chlakh
  3. Playfair

Color Palette

The most common color scheme for photographers varies by niche.

For example, wedding photographers tend towards softer colors and make use of white in their logos. Newborn photographers utilize pastel tones for their brand. Urban photographers rely on darker shades in their design choices.

Design Elements

Photographers tend to use a few design elements in their logos and business cards. Some chose to use the name of their studio. Others use their name or a unique symbol.

Some, like Laura Johns Photography, use a combination of these elements.

Real Estate Logo Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for your real estate logo, we’ve got several inspiration options below. Note how each has a similar look and feel, visually representing the industry they’re in.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (8)

  1. Unique Realty
  2. Minnesota Home Pro
  3. Denver Real Estate
  4. Novak Solutions
  5. Verdera


Real estate agents can use icons featuring houses in their logo design. When you use these types of icons you can help your readers connect with the feelings of excitement that buying a new house can invoke.


Real estate agents have plenty of options to choose from when selecting a brand font for their business. Agents should first become conscious of the emotions they want to convey with their logo design.

Different typography has the potential to elicit unique meanings and emotions for potential buyers.

The following fonts are excellent choices for agents looking to create a logo.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (9)

  1. Titillium Web & Montserrat
  2. Roboto & Maven Pro
  3. Josefin Sans & Work Sans

Color Palette

The most commonly used colors for real estate agents include blue and black color schemes.

Blue can invoke dependability and trust in folks viewing the design. Black can create recognition of elegance and sophistication.

Color schemes utilizing these choices are a powerful choice for real estate agents when creating their logos.

Design Elements

When it comes to design elements for real estate agents, they need to make sure all choices are relevant. Whether agents are using typography choices, color or a symbol each element must be appropriate for the overall messaging to ring true.

When agents achieve relevance, a logo is purposeful. When you create a design that resonates with potential buyers, your logo can help increase your sales.

Construction Logo Ideas

Here are a few cool logo ideas for construction companies who are looking for a unique logo for their brand.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (10)

  1. Stone River Excavation & Concrete
  2. Treasured Spaces
  3. Ascent
  4. Pulse Construction

You can also create your own custom logo design using a construction logo template like the one below and customizing it in Visme.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (11)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

When you need logo ideas for your construction company, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.


Use icons and symbols that will help your customers connect with your projects. You might use hard hat icons, equipment or cones. These icons help show that you are dependable and prioritize safety.


For construction brands, a straight and clean font is your best option. Some good examples of this include the following fonts.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (12)

  1. AA Haymaker
  2. Ageone Serif
  3. Micra
  4. Souvenir
  5. MagistralC
  6. Europe
  7. Garamond
  8. After Disaster
  9. Ubahn

Color Palette

There are some best practice choices for colors and construction brands.

First, construction yellow is a great choice. Since your heavy equipment tends to be either yellow or red, people associate these particular shades with building projects.

Also, earthy browns are a good choice. This is because construction often involves excavating the earth to complete new projects. Some brands add a flair of red or green to draw attention to the logo.

Design Elements

The most important thing to keep in mind when building a construction logo is to design for your unique brand. While we can learn a lot from best practices, the best logo is the one that communicates your brand.

When you decide what colors, shapes and letters to use, keep this principle in mind.

Restaurant Logo Ideas

Restaurant logos get the advantage of being more creative based on the type of cuisine they serve. Check out these professionally designed restaurant logos below.

We have one for a fine dining restaurant, one for a pizza place, a poke shop and a coffee house. Each is vastly different, purely based on the clientele they cater to and the food they serve.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (13)

  1. Eleven Madison Park
  2. High Tide Poke Shop
  3. Union’s King’s Cross Pizzeria
  4. Moka Coffee House

You can also create your own logo using a predesigned template like the one below. Easily swap out the icon for one that represents your cuisine, change the restaurant name, update fonts and colors, and download.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (14)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Now that you are ready for a new logo for your restaurant, a few tips will help make the process easier.


Select icons that correspond to what you prepare at your restaurant. You may use silverware or symbols like a chef’s hat, depending on the experience you deliver for your customers.


When deciding on fonts for your restaurant, make choices that enhance your brand’s personality.

You may choose something closer to a traditional font. Also, some restaurants are more experimental with their typeface choice. If you resonate with multiple fonts, you may even try font pairing with your logo.

Here are some great font ideas for your restaurant's logo.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (15)

  1. Baskerville
  2. Helvetica
  3. Lavenda
  4. Cafe Françoise
  5. Chambord

Color Palette

Some of the best colors for restaurants include black, shades of brown and yellow and muted red. If you want to use a combination of colors, make sure you get the balance right.

Design Elements

A logo is a critical element of your brand. Make sure to use color, icons and typography to create a cohesive theme that matches your restaurant’s vision.

Your logo is the essence of the whole brand. It should reflect the brand’s design and colors, theme and values. At the same time, you also have limited space to make an impact.

Make sure you use colors, typography and shapes concisely to be efficient with your design.

Startup Logo Ideas

Startups are another great opportunity to be creative with your logo. Create a modern logo that easily represents your small business by choosing an icon similar to your industry and using the color blue.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (16)

  1. Ursa
  2. Zeemart
  3. Class Code
  4. Team Sync Bookmarks

If you’re creating a logo for your own startup, you don’t need to hire a freelancer or professional graphic designer to get the job done. You can easily create a high quality logo with a template from Visme like the one below.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (17)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

When you are ready to get started with your startup logo, I have a few ideas to make the design process more efficient.


Startups typically have themes of innovations in their design. Icons like rockets and arrows pointing up are abstract representations of this idea.

Also, icons that closely align with your product are good choices.


Using great fonts can create a strong emotional impression. Paired with additional elements in your logo, smart typography choices can lead to your logo’s successful brand communication.

Try using the following fonts for your startup.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (18)

  1. Effra Brandon
  2. Grotesque
  3. Proxima Nova
  4. Raleway
  5. Montserrat
  6. Impact
  7. Polaris

Color Palette

Startups will often use blue because the color can evoke feelings of trust. Because startups have a disruptive nature and are often new players in a market, trust is essential.

Additionally, popular startups use a medium-light blue with shades of grey and brown.

These colors help balance the technical aspect of startups with an earthy touch.

Design Elements

Startups often adopt a minimal design ethos for their logos. Focusing on the startup’s name in a clean font is usually enough. Avoiding extraneous design elements is typical for startup founders.

Bakery Logo Ideas

Bakeries tend to have more feminine or minimalistic logos with a script or serif font. These often use brown or beige coloring to match the treats that they sell.

Check out these bakery logo ideas below to get some inspiration for your rebranding process or new brand identity.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (19)

  1. Louise Boulangerie et Pâtisserie
  2. Dutch Bakery
  3. Amai Bakery
  4. Bagel O Bagel

Create the perfect logo for your bakery by starting with a template like the one below.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (20)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

Now that you are ready to begin building a new logo for your bakery, we will explore some critical elements to keep in mind.


When it comes to symbols and icons, bakery owners have a few choices. You can utilize things that you bake like bread or pastries.

Additionally, you can feature the tools you use to bake your delicious products.


The choice of typeface is fundamental for bakery logo design. The choice you make can lead to your customers experiencing different emotions when encountering your design.

You can help them feel fun, seriousness or elegance based on your decision.

A few options you have available include the following fonts.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (21)

  1. Timberline
  2. Thirsty Soft
  3. Dealers
  4. Didot
  5. Baskerville
  6. Plantin
  7. Open Sans
  8. Helvetica

Color Palette

Many bakery logos include pastel or natural colors. This choice helps place you in the more traditional lineage of bakery design.

However, modern bakeries experiment with unique color choices. For example, designers use green in modern bakeries because of the connotations with freshness. If you choose green, then a more pastel green is an excellent decision for your logo.

Design Elements

An essential element to consider when designing your bakery logo is the type of symbol to use. Usually, the symbol used for bakery logos takes the form of an abstract or illustrative form of a picture.

When we combine proper icon use with the other design elements of color and typography, you begin to weave together a strong bakery logo.

Salon Logo Ideas

Take a look at these four logo design ideas that are perfect for a salon.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (22)

  1. ModMop
  2. Shebang Nail Bar
  3. Adara
  4. Roost Hair Salon

To offer even more inspiration, here's a salon logo template that you can customize to fit your own brand using Visme's online logo maker.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (23)

Customize this template and make it your own!Edit and Download

While you are considering your options for a new or logo refresh for your salon, it is vital to keep in mind some logo design tips.


You have a wide range of icons available for use while designing your salon logo. You can choose to go with a variety of abstract representations of the tools you use at your salon.


It is crucial to select an elegant and beautiful font for your salon. I’ve gathered some ideas here to inspire your next choice. Check out the fonts below for some examples.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (24)

  1. Prada
  2. Halis Rounded
  3. Verb
  4. Vailsnick Italic

Color Palette

In general, salon color schemes are comfortable and warm. You might use shades like ochre yellow or dark reds. Additionally, brick colors, yellows and orange are excellent choices for your salon.

If you want a more modern look try out shades of gray, olive green or black for your salon logo.

Design Elements

When it comes to blending your typography, icons and color scheme, remember to keep things simple. Your main objective is to communicate a strong message about your salons brand.

Shopify Logo Ideas

If you have a Shopify or ecommerce brand, you need something powerful to stand out from the crowd. Check out these logotypes to get an idea of what you or your logo designer should be creating.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (25)

  1. Favility
  2. Waradly
  3. Shape List
  4. Uncoil
  5. Zero Limits


Using icons for your Shopify logo can be the right choice. You can use something like a classic shopping cart if it makes sense in your logo. Additionally, things like security locks can help your customers know that you take security seriously.


Because there are so many fonts to choose from for your logo, the choice can be overwhelming. However, I’ve gathered some of the sharpest fonts that will help your logo stand out from the competition.

Your typography must cultivate a sense of legitimacy and trust from your users. The following fonts will help you take a step in that direction.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (26)

  1. Lato
  2. Montserrat
  3. Oswald
  4. Merriweather
  5. Playfair Display
  6. Rubik
  7. Cinzel
  8. Raleway

Color Palette

Red and black are standard color palettes for Shopify logos. Red is one of the most potent colors you can use for your brand. It can attract your audience's attention.

Black demonstrates both confidence and seriousness. When you use a combination of these colors for inspiration, it is the right approach for Shopify store owners.

Design Elements

When it comes to a Shopify store using design elements to create trust is vital. By skillfully using icons, color and typography, you can create a distinct brand for your store.

This trust will help your audience understand that you are not just a faceless e-commerce store that they have to research to trust.

Clothing Logo Ideas

Many clothing brands will have a logomark, but more often focus on their wordmark, especially for labels and advertisem*nts. Below, we have five such examples of clothing brand logos to get your gears going.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (27)

  1. Escada
  2. Hermes
  3. Desigual
  4. Brunello Cucinelli
  5. Alexander McQueen


Clothing logos are often minimal and do not use a lot of icons. However, if your brand has a strong symbolic connotation, you can use an abstract symbol to create meaning for your customers.


Beautiful typography is essential for clothing brands. When you make smart decisions regarding fonts, you create a powerful visual accessory to your overall logo design. The following fonts are popular choices for clothing brands.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (28)

  1. Deleplace
  2. Emmeline Font Family
  3. Roijer Family Font

Color Palette

Elegance and style are important themes to consider when creating a clothing logo. What is an elegant color scheme? Black works amazing. Black with a white compliment also adds a level of style.

This combination creates a stark and intriguing mix that is perfect for modern clothing brands.

Design Elements

Clothing brands must use their typography, color and any symbolism to create a strong brand identity for their logo. A logo that stands out will etch itself in your customer’s mind.

Monogram Logo Ideas

A monogram focuses more on the abbreviation of your brand name as the design than anything else. If you choose to go this route, check out these logo ideas below to help you come up with the perfect logo for your business.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (29)

  1. J. Herwitt
  2. QuikSpeak
  3. Dalius Stoka
  4. Willow Tree
  5. Daniela Reske Photography


When it comes to monogram logos, you will use your brand’s initials as the main icon.


After researching some of the most exciting monogram logos, the following fonts appeared a few times. Use them to create your next monogram logo.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (30)

  1. Baskerville
  2. American Typewriter
  3. Founders Grotesk
  4. Vance Serif

Color Palette

Monogram color palettes often include a black and white color scheme. Black provides a visually heavy and strong message. It has associations with intelligence and professionalism.

White projects clarity and can represent new beginnings. The combination of these colors sends a powerful message.

Design Elements

To make monogram design elements work, try your best to find a distinct typeface.

Monogram logos require careful attention to your font’s blend with the shapes you select to render the letters.

Because monogram fonts typically consist of letters only, the layout’s shape is your most important design decision.

Retro Logo Ideas

If you want to take your audience on a blast from the past, consider creating a retro logo for your brand. Here are five different logo ideas for inspiration.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (31)

  1. Flamin'
  2. Mileon
  3. Boggs Body
  4. WoodStyle
  5. Huckleberry Film Production


Retro icons and symbols are usually colorful. They may include things like food, transportation or vintage technology.


Typically, retro logos use a combination of cursive text and all caps trademark text. This all caps text often shows the audience what the company does and when the owner established it.

Some of the popular retro fonts include the following.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (32)

  1. Palm Canyon Drive
  2. Restora
  3. Nexa Rust
  4. Moon
  5. Comodo

Color Palette

The use of subtle color tones is typical in the retro style logo. Many of our favorite examples include soft textures with pastels.

Additionally, the number of logo colors matters for retro design. It is more common to see retro logos with one or two colors to simulate the past’s printing capabilities.

Design Elements

The design elements you use in a retro logo should help your audience feel nostalgic.

Try to combine color, symbols and typography to create a visual theme. Retro themes include a rustic feel, nostalgia and adventure.

Minimalist Logo Ideas

If you're a "less is more" type of business owner, you're likely looking for a more minimalist logo to represent your brand. Here are five stunningly minimalistic ideas to help inspire you.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (33)

  1. Fence
  2. Pelican
  3. Sew Perfect
  4. Infuce
  5. Dream Lab


Using icons with a minimalist logo can be a great way to convey information efficiently.

Look for a simple symbol that denotes the essence of your brand's message.


When it comes to creating an overall minimalist style for your logo, a simple typography approach is essential. Use the following fonts to help achieve this simplicity.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (34)

  1. Raleway
  2. Roboto
  3. Open Sans
  4. Titillium Web
  5. Ubuntu
  6. Lato

Color Palette

When deciding on your color palette for a minimalist logo, remember to use light colors.

Pale blue, soft grey and faded orange are all common choices for a minimalist palette.

Subtlety is key here, so you want colors that look soft and fade into the design background.

Design Elements

Just because you are using a minimal design does not mean you need to be any less creative. When you are using fewer design elements, look for opportunities to explore hidden relationships between elements.

For example, the Pelican logo uses negative space to make an abstract symbol of a pelican.

Now that we’ve explored some logo inspiration, we will share how to use Visme to make your logo.

However, if you’re not entirely sure what your logo will look like, please check out our short video on improving your creative thinking muscles for design projects like your logo.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (35)

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (36)

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (37)65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (38)

Ready to Design Your Logo With Our Logo Maker?

A new logo design will help unlock a robust design for your brand. While new inspiration is a good start, using Visme to start your logo design process is the next step.

If you’re ready to take your design to the next level, get started with our online logo maker today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that we have explored how Visme will help you create an awesome logo, we will address the frequently asked questions we receive about logos.

Let’s get started!

Q1. How do I get an idea for my logo?

When it comes to creating a new logo, it is vital to set aside the idea of perfection at the start. Censoring ideas is a big mistake in the beginning.

Beginning the journey of designing your logo will require ample time for brainstorming. If you give yourself the freedom to get all your ideas out of your head, a great idea will begin.

If you have an idea, throw it out there. Brainstorms are not the time to censor yourself. They are the time to get everything out of your head and into the world.

Q2. How do you create a unique logo?

Focus on what makes your product or service unique and think not just about what you do but why you do it. As you dive into the process of creating your ideal logo, keep this timp in mind.

Creating a unique logo starts with focusing on your company's mission. Focus less on the tangible products you offer and more on your values and purpose.

What was the inspiration for starting or joining your company? What are some success stories that help you feel connected to the work you do?

Focusing on these qualitative experiences will help you create a singular logo.

Q3. What makes a good logo in 2020?

As we enter into a new decade, we may be entering the age of playful minimalism. The advantages of minimal design for usability are both essential and ethical considerations.

However, a design that can incorporate the advantages of minimalism with a playful twist is a trend in 2020.

Q4. How do you know if a logo is unique?

The best way to make sure your design is unique is to use internet research to check your work. I suggest searching the following sites with keywords related to your new logo.

  1. Dribbble
  2. Logopond
  3. Behance
  4. Pinterest
  5. Instagram

Q5. What should a logo include?

Make sure your logo includes a combination of the following four elements.

  1. An icon or symbol
  2. Your brand’s standard font
  3. Your brand’s standard color scheme
  4. A tagline for your brand

Q6. What is a bad logo?

When it comes to logos that readers do not like, we can identify a few recurring patterns. When a brand creates overly bright or confusing visuals, it is a sign that the logo will not work.

You may have a few elements that are fine on their own but clash when merged. When this happens, avoid the urge to keep them all and instead feel free to make your design more simple.

Q7. How many colors should a logo have?

Studies of the most successful brands show that 95% use one or two colors. Zero logos used more than 4.

Q8. How do you modernize a logo?

The best way to modernize your logo is to eliminate any unnecessary elements. Ideally, your audience will know what you do with a glance.

Review every element, the color, graphics, layout and font. Try to keep only the most crucial aspects of the logo intact.

Q9. How do you test a logo?

There are a few ways to test your logo. First, you can use social media platforms like Reddit, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to ask for honest feedback. Additionally, you can use email to request your list or reliable customers for feedback.

You can also set up an A/B test using a tool like Google Optimize to see how landing pages perform with your old logo compared to your new one.

Q10. What is the best free logo maker?

Visme empowers you to create professional logos with zero design experience needed. We are proud of our logo maker and consider it the best on the market.

65 Unique Logo Ideas to Inspire You in 2022 (2024)
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