How to Design L Shaped House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner? - HomeByMe (2024)

How to Design L Shaped House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner? - HomeByMe (1)
  • Create a perfect L Shaped House plan

  • Try it virtually and show it in 4K

  • Be sure everything is flawless before launching works


See how 3D home design software can help you produce realistic renderings that allow clients to visualize what their future L shaped home will look like.

L shaped house designs can be a favorable option for those who want a spacious and functional home with a unique layout. This architectural style offers many benefits for homeowners, including the ability to maximize indoor-outdoor living by incorporating a courtyard or patio space within the L shape.

Enhancing natural light and privacy throughout the home can also be achieved by positioning the living spaces and bedrooms along the outer edge of the L. Despite the benefits of this shape, it can be awkward to design and challenging to translate ideas onto paper, which is why it’s worth using a 3D floor planner.

With 3D rendering software and powerful features that enable you to design with precision, there’s no need to second guess. Clients will be able to see exactly what their dream home will look like with realistic colors, textures, and materials.

If changes are required, they can be made instantly without any lag time to keep plans streamlined and on track. Find out how to leverage 3D tech to help you imagine, design, and create professional interior designs for L shaped homes and any future projects.

How to Design L Shaped House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner? - HomeByMe (2)

How to Design L Shaped House Plans in 3D?

3D home design software was created for interior designers, renovation professionals, and DIY homeowners.

With powerful features and easy drag-and-drop technology, software like HomeByMe can be used to create a realistic, virtual representation of a project, whether it’s decorating a room or building an entire home.

Use it to develop blueprints and comprehensive virtual models to share ideas, visualize concepts and simulate how designs will look and feel before they are made.

Key features to design L Shaped house plans


1 Make a Detailed Blueprint

Use the toolbar in the 3D planner to access tools to create a detailed blueprint of the floor plan.

Start by drawing the exterior walls and work your way in, adding details such as doors, windows, and other fixtures.

There’s also the option to import a floor plan or piece one together by adding rooms.

Set the correct dimensions and sizes of every item for an accurate outline.


2 Design with 3D Visualizations

Create a complete visual representation of the ideas and design concepts you wish to convey to clients. In the toolbar, choose to Build, Furnish, and Decorate.

Explore the multitude of options to assemble a truly personalized home using any items needed.

Add furniture, appliances, and accessories, find brand names or generic products, and drag anything into the planner to use it instantly in the design.


3 Experiment with Diverse Designs

One major advantage of 3D tech is being able to experiment with diverse concepts with a few simple clicks.

Use the software to duplicate designs, reuse materials, or test out different materials, colors, and finishes.

This can make it easier to find the best features to create a scheme that will win over clients and help them visualize how their home will look.


4 Review and Refine

Review the design carefully by toggling the view mode to first-person so you can step inside and critique it up close.

Just like a virtual tour, use the cursor to walk through the layout to assess and make any refinements until you are satisfied.

Advanced features like Studio Photo enable you to change and refine the lighting, background, and more to showcase the atmosphere and vibe of the home in its entirety when presenting to clients.


5 Share and Collaborate

Collaborate with your team, contractors, architects, or clients to finalize the project.

With a simple click, designs can be shared and viewed with 360° capabilities.

This makes it concise and easy to get feedback, show the complete concept from a realistic stance, and ultimately, produce a final outcome that hits the mark.

Key Advantages of Houses in L Shape

Houses in L shape designs are versatile and adaptable which is why they’re frequently used and recommended by architects today.

Aside from being a suitable choice for both urban and suburban settings, they can work for almost any terrain or size lot, including slopes.

Families can also enjoy peace and privacy from the street or nearby neighbors without having to build additional partitions or fencing, making it ideal for entertaining.

How to Design L Shaped House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner? - HomeByMe (3)

Traditional: 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath with 2-Car Garage

Stepping into the main foyer of this 2000 square foot layout, an open dining area is set immediately on the right front side with the kitchen close by. Walking through the kitchen leads to a laundry room and guest bathroom, as well as the master bed and bath on the rear right side.

This extends outward, forming the “L” and screening the back patio deck from nearby homes. In front is the 2-car garage. Meanwhile, a full bath is set between both secondary bedrooms which take over the left front and rear of the property.

Orienting the home in this way is typical for many L shapes since it keeps the layout open, while still being private and adaptable based on the family’s needs.

Modern: 3 Bed, 3.5 Bath, with Flex Room

Unlike the previous layout, this large, 3000 square foot modern floor plan places a 3-car garage on the front left side of the home, which creates the wing of the L.

Through the main entrance on the right side of the property, a great room, dining area, and kitchen create a large open floor plan. Adjacent to this communal area is a large covered patio at the back with doors that slide open for easy and accessible outdoor living.

On the left wing are the master bedroom and bathroom. On the opposite wing, two secondary bedrooms are located, each with its own full bath. A game’s room is placed in between both bedrooms, adding a versatile and flexible space that can be used for multiple purposes as needed.

How to Design L Shaped House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner? - HomeByMe (4)

Rustic: 1.5 Story, 3 Bed, 3.5 Bath

This cozy and rustic floor plan is perfect for busy households that love to entertain. Stretching approximately 2300 square feet, it features a split bedroom design like most L shaped homes.

Upon entering, two bedrooms are set in the rear and front right corners with a shared full bath. The great room is centrally located with a cozy fireplace and flows into the kitchen which extends towards the left.

The dining area is directly behind the kitchen, overlooking the outdoor patio. On the adjacent side are the master bedroom, ensuite bath, and a full walk-in closet that comprises the entire left wing of the home.

In front is a 3-car garage that forms the extended wing. A staircase is situated beside the garage, leading to an upper level with a large bonus room and full bath.

From L shaped house plans to modernizing a guest bathroom, HomeByMe is a free home design software and app that enables interior designers, builders, and any users to create a detailed floor plan. Design, decorate, and customize any projects in a virtual environment so you can feel confident in the final outcome before bringing it to life. Get started today!

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Design L Shaped House Plans easily

  • Create a perfect L Shaped House plan

  • Try it virtually and show it in 4K

  • Be sure everything is flawless before launching works


How to Design L Shaped House Plans with a 3D Floor Planner? - HomeByMe (2024)
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