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One link, infinite opportunities. Link transfers make it fast and simple for your audience to discover and share your content.

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Upload courses, eBooks, movies, games, toolkits and more and store them securely in the cloud.

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No more email lists or sign-up forms –– your audience comes to you, directly from the unique link.

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Track total downloads and choose a date for your link to expire –– or keep it live for as long as you like.

Send big files

WeTransfer makes it fast and easy to get your large files wherever they need to go.


All your questions answered.

  • How do I send a link transfer?

    So you want a quick and easy way of uploading your files to generate a shareable link without all the hassle of entering your recipient and your own email address? Well, we've got just the thing for you!

    Ourlink transfer method of transferring is ideal for quick, right-this-very-instant transfers where you don’t need a full range of confirmation emails, or when you are sending to more recipients than the email transfer option allows.

    Just click on the ellipsis symbol "(...)" to reveal the email/link transfer switch. After adding files, click on the 'Transfer' button to generate a link. The usual magic will happen behind the scenes, but once the upload finishes, you'll have a lovely link that you can copy and paste into anywhere you'd like!The benefits of creating a link transfer range from the following:

    • You are not limited to a number of recipients like with the email transfer option.

    • This is a great workaround for when your recipients email address in not working or if they are on abounce list.

    • Easily shareable on social media - paste your transfer's link into a Tweet, Facebook post or message, or even your MySpace wall! Yep, we said MySpace.

    • You can share the link with a group of recipients if you have a group list created in your email. Just include your link in an email to them and ta-da!

    • Some folks send themselves transfers just to grab the download from the transfer so they can share it. This feature eliminates that step and just generates the link straight away.

    • Ever need to send something to yourself? Maybe from your mobile to your PC? Head to on your mobile, grab the link, send that link to yourself, and open it on your PC. Easy. 😎

    • You only need to upload your files once and you can share the same link with as many people as you like.

    Lots of potential!

  • What is the difference between link transfers and email transfers?

    There are two methods of transferring with WeTransfer. This article is going to list the main differences between them, but regardless of which method you choose, your stuff will get from A to B in the smoothest and most hassle-free way possible.

    Email TransfersUp first, we’ve gotemail transfers. Type in your email address, and the address of your recipient, add your files or folders, compose an optional message, click ‘Transfer’,verify your email address, and boom - your transfer is being uploaded, with the rest of the process being taken care of by us. Once your transfer has safely reached our upload servers, you’ll get a confirmation email to let you know, and your recipient will get a lovely download email with a link to your transfer.

    Once your email recipients have downloaded your transfer, you’ll also receive anemail confirming this.

    Back in the day, in the early-early-earlydays of WeTransfer, transferring via email was your only option. Then, a few years later, we added the ability to transfer your filesvia a link transfer, too.

    Link TransfersWithlink transfers, you’ll still upload your files to our upload servers, but instead of us sending emails to your recipients, you’ll be presented with a unique, shareable link, which you can copy from our website and pass it along to your recipient(s) in whatever way you’d like. However, since you don't enter any email addresses with a link transfer, it's up to you to make sure you correctly send the link after we've uploaded it. We can't get links back for you, nor can we send you or your recipient any confirmation emails since... well, y'know... no email addresses!

    To switch between transfer options, click on the ellipsis icon (...) in the bottom-left corner of your transfer window, and select the transferring option you want to use.

    To switch between transfer options, click on the Share button and select the transferring option you want to use.

  • How many people can I share a link transfer with?

    You can send files up to 3 people per transfer using ourfree servicewithout signing up. When you create aWeTransfer Accountthe max is 10 recipients per transfer.

    You can even go one step further and sign up for a WeTransfer paid plan where you can send files up to 50 recipients per email transfer!

    If you upload a link transfer, you can share that with however many people you like. However, the number of downloads will be limited to your plan allowance.

    Each email is sent separately. No worries – all your friends will still think they're special. It's just like using BCC in an email!

    If you've got a list of email addresses and would like some help adding them all to your transfer, have a lookhere.

  • Can I see how many people have downloaded the files in my link?

    The ability to have a chronological overview of your transfers depends on how you use WeTransfer. The answer to this article's question has different answers, so read on!

    Using the free serviceWhen you use WeTransfer to send your files, we provide you with an email confirmation if you have used the email transfer option. With thelink transfer option, we will send you a confirmation the first time the transfer is downloaded.

    Because we don't track or store these emails, we can't share specific details on past transfers. The only way to track your past activity is by saving our up- and download confirmation emails yourself.

    Feel free to learn more about confirmation emailshere.

    However, viewing your transfer history is a feature of our WeTransfer accounts.

    Using a WeTransfer accountIf you've signed up to a free WeTransfer account (wait, what? you haven't? sign uphere, quick!), you'll be able toview your transfersfor a total of seven days before they expire, and are removed from your Transfer overview.

    You can learn more about what a free account can offer you right here, but please note that if you'd like to keep your transfers online for longer than seven days, you'd need to consider signing up to a WeTransfer paid plan. Speaking of which...

    Using WeTransfer with a paid plan

    With our paid plans however, you can keep track of your transfers that you send which are still active and save them in the storage you receive with your account. You can also extend the expiry date to however long you'd like within your plan.

    If you would like to sign up for a paid plan, you can do so here.

  • Where can I share my custom link?

    Share the link to your content in your social media bio, paste it into an email or WhatsApp message, on affiliate websites, or anywhere else you find your audience.

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Reach large audiences | WeTransfer (2024)
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